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1.1   Background to the Study

The advent of white men leads to a formal and organized system of education, but before then Nigeria had her own indigenous system of education. Education is seen as the basic tool used in the development of human mentally, socially and psychologically. Education according to Coombs (2018) constitutes of two components. Coombs classified these two components into inputs and outputs.


Learning like in Biology and Chemistry is a developmental process. Several sources of influence converge to produce a successful performance. The comparison of Biology and Chemistry as indicated by Oyedeken (2012) enhances the rate of intellectual development by stimulations in one hand or demoralizing influence on the other hand on the student’s  achievement.

Biology and Chemistry which are both vital science subjects are generally and erroneously believed that they are difficult. Thus, many student do avoid science subject at the secondary school level. This believes could be one of the major factors for student’s under achievement in science subject.


Chemistry as a science subject start by memorizing the names of elements and compound, and their reaction with this compound, why compound X will react with compound Y in solution A but not solution B. What the result of that reaction will be , and how minute forces affect this reaction. While Biology as a science subject requires a lot of time to memorize why animals behave in certain ways of the complexity of human and plant cells or eukaryotes, prokaryotes, organelles and this things work. (Wilson 2014).

In comparism of this two science subject (Biology and Chemistry) in their difficulty, and not in their complexity, because they are too different to really compare. It really depend on who you are as a person. Some student tend to understand Biology more  than Chemistry  while others is vice versa. And this goes a long way to determine  their outcome on the two subjects.


At least a credit in this subject (Biology and Chemistry). Serves as pre-requisite for studying some science based discipline such as Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine. MicroBiology, Agriculture, BioChemistry and host of others. Due to its importance in the society. It is on this premise that the researcher tend to investigate the influence of Biology and Chemistry student academic achievement when compared.


1.2   Statement of the Problem

The question of whether more science facilities should be provided in secondary school or not has in recent time engaged the attention of the Government as well as educators and parents alike.

Biology and Chemistry are core subjects require not only for terminal placement into tertiary institution. But also forms foundation in which the future programme of the studies in science are based on Medicine, Agriculture, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Nursing.

It Is due to these fact that the student who sat for the senior secondary school certificate examination between 2021 to 2022 secure poor grades over the decades of both subjects (Biology and Chemistry). Which has posed a lot of serious problems to those students who wish to continue their educational pursuit in science in  higher institution of learning. For this reason the study focused on comparative analysis of biology and chemistry student and their academic achievement in secondary schools.


1.3   Purpose of the Study

This study is designed to determine the comparative analysis of biology and chemistry student and their academic achievement in secondary schools.

Specifically, the study will: 

  1. Determine the differences in the academic achievement of students in Biology and Chemistry base on their school type.
  2. Compare the influence of gender on the academic achievement of students in Biology and Chemistry.


1.4 Significance of the Study

This study will be significant to all stakeholders in the education sectors such as the school administration, teacher, government, students and parents in giving a child all round education. comparative analysis of biology and chemistry student and their academic achievement in secondary schools.

(i)   The findings and results of this study will assist educational planners in formulation of education goals and objectives.

(ii)  The study will also suggest ways to improve the teaching of Biology and Chemistry its optimum so as to achieve   the development in science.


(iii)  To inculcate the scientific attitude on student to stimulate their achievement in science.

(iv) Re-direct teachers in optimizing the available resources in their various school environment to teach science (Biology  and Chemistry).

(v)  Encourage parents to provide their children with adequate science textbook and materials to enhances their comprehension.


1.5   Research Questions:

The following research questions are stated for this study as:

(i)   Is there any significant difference between the academic achievement of students who learn Biology in public and private schools and those who learn Chemistry in public private school?

(ii)  Is there any significant difference in the academic    achievement of male and female students who learn     Biology and those learn Chemistry?


1.6  Operational Definition of Terms

(i)   Biology: This is the science of living things, it is seen as the study of living and non-living component of life.

(ii)  Chemistry: This deals with the composition, properties   and used of matters. It probes into the principles      governing the changes that matter undergoes.


(iii)  Comparative: This is the ability of studying something by comparing it with something else.

(iv) Analysis: This gives the detailed examination of  something.

(v)  Academic Achievement: Achievement is a level of which an individual gain what he/she is been taught in his/her    academic pursuit or career. That well or badly something works.



Student in private secondary school outperformed their    counterparts in public secondary school in both Biology and Chemistry in secondary school in 2021-2022 school year. Male students in Biology achieved better than their      counterpart in Chemistry in secondary school in 2021-2022  school year. Female students in Chemistry achieved slightly better than their counterpart in Biology in secondary schools in 2021- 2022 school year.

The conclusion above is based on the findings. That Biology and Chemistry should be effectively taught in secondary school level of education. Thus, in order for the students to develop practical habit and acquisition of knowledge.


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