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Background to the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study or aim

Research questions

Research hypotheses


Scope of the study

Significance of the study

Limitation of the study

De-limitation of the study

Definition of operational terms




3.1       Introduction


3.2       Research Design

3.3       Population of the Study

3.4       Sample and sampling techniques

3.5       Instrument for data collection


3.6       Validity and of the instrument

3.7       Administration of the instrument

3.8       Method of data analysis



4.1       Data analysis

4.2       Discussion of the findings




5.1       Summary

5.2       Recommendations

5.3   Conclusion

5.4       Suggestions for further studies





 1.1      Background to the Study

Indeed, the world is celebrating the advancements in communication technology today simply because it has broadened the scope of social and business interaction even across national and international borders which have ultimately turned the entire world into a “Global village”.

Without a doubt, the aim of the social media is to create and develop social interaction among people in which they share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks in a Language style they understood and have created for themselves.  But as it is, just like the two sides of a coin, this great advent has brought with it both negative and positive influence one of which is the primary aim of this research study; its Negative influence on students writing and speaking skill of English Language.

The evolution of social media has led to its use as the best medium for communication, whereby two-third of the world’s internet population visits social networking sites on a regular basis. Thus, serving as a communication and connection tool particularly in connecting with old friends and meeting new ones either for mutual, business or academic interests.



A direct relationship exists between Social media language usage and the English competence and performance, however the darker side of this technological evolution has resulted in dilemmas such as the setback in the speaking and writing skills of English Language which once used to be the pride of any students who possesses it, particularly in this present generation of students who form the majority of users interacting through the use of the social media sites.

The main focus of this research study therefore, is to look into these social media language style and its usage and how it has significantly influenced the English Language Proficiency of Students in Post-Primary Educational Sector.


1.2       Statement of the Problem

Undeniably, the ability of the Social media to reach a very large audience in a short period of time makes its negative influence on English Language proficiency spread like wild fire among students who are its major users.

The use of acronyms (an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word) are now commonplace substitutes to complete sentences; e.g. LOL (laugh out loud), OMG (Oh my God), TTYL (talk to you later) are just a few that demonstrate how social media speeds things up by lessening the need to write longer words and phrases that are grammatically correct in order to reduce space. The effects of social media on English proficiency on the speaking and writing skills of students.

Thus, this research objective is to investigate the variables that influence the English proficiency among student as a result of social media interference on their speaking and writing skills.


1.3       Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study generally is to examine the influence of Social Media on the speaking and writing skills of students in English Language

But specifically, this study seeks;

  1. To ascertain how the exposure of students to social media has influenced their ability to communicate and compose grammatically correct English Language.
  2. To examine how the social media language style including word abbreviations and acronyms has eroded the English writing ability of students in Secondary Schools.
  3. To ascertain how the use of social media has negatively impacted on students’ performance in SSCE and WAEC English Language examinations.
  4. To ascertain if the social media they are exposed to has influenced positively on their competence and performance ability in English Language


  1. To determine ways to checkmate the negative effects and encourage the positive influence of social media for academic excellence.


1.3       Research Questions

In view of the problems stated above, the following research questions were raised:

  1. How has the exposure of students to social media influenced their English Language communication skill?
  2. Has the social media language style significantly eroded the writing ability of students in Secondary schools?
  3. How has the social media impacted negatively on student academic performance in SSCE and WAEC English Language examinations?
  4. How has the social media network they are exposed to affect positively on English Language competence and performance skills since it’s the major language of communication among users?
  5. How do we checkmate the negative influence of social media and encourage the positive effects for improved student’s performance in English Language.


1.4       Research Hypotheses

The following hypotheses were generated by the researcher and were tested in this study.

  1. Exposure of students to social media has no significant influence on their English Language Communication skills
  2. Social media language style has no significant influence on the student’s writing skills
  3. The use of social media has no significant negative impact on the academic performance of students in SSCE and WAEC English Language examinations.
  4. The type of social media the students are exposed to has no significant positive influence on their English Language ability
  5. To checkmate the social media has no significant influence on English Language competence and performance


1.5       Delimitation/Scope of the Study

The essence of this research work is to primarily study the Influence of social media on the English Language speaking and writing proficiency of students in institutions of learning.


1.6      Significance of the Study

Unquestionably, this study is significant to the teachers, parents and students. This study will serve as a guide and help the teachers of the school to know the influence the social media has and is still wielding over the academics of students especially on their English speaking and writing abilities, and also as an eye opener for them to assist in enlightening and creating awareness for the students, enumerating to them the possible negative influences it could have on them if not checked. The effects of social media on English proficiency on the speaking and writing skills of students.


The study is of significant to the parents in the sense that they will have an informed knowledge of the possible negative effects of the social media on their children and serve as a watch-dog to help checkmate the unnecessary exposure of their children to the social networking sites, after all the parent is the first teacher of any child.


In the same vein, the study will enable the students of the senior level to have an understanding that, apart from the social benefits of this social networking site which is more projected, using the sites more than necessary will pose possible dangers to their life and career. Therefore, it will be relevant in assisting students in understanding the diversity of social media. Lastly, it will provide relevance material for students and other researchers undertaking similar research.


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