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Table of Contents



1.1   Background of the Study

1.2   Statement of the Problem

1.3   The Purpose of the Study

1.4   Significance of the Study

1.5   Research Questions


1.6   Research Hypotheses

1.7   Limitation to the Study

1.8   Scope of the Study

1.9   Definition of Terms





3.1  Area of the Study

3.2  Research Design

3.3  Population of the Study

3.4  Sample and Sampling Technique

3.5  Instrumentation

3.7  Data Collection/Analysis


                     AND DISCUSSION OF FINDINGS

4.1  Data Presentation/Analysis

4.2  Discussion of Findings



                           AND CONCLUSION

5.1  Summary

5.2  Recommendations

5.3  Conclusion






1.1  Background of the Study

Without reservation, the concept of teaching has much to do with the interaction between the teacher and their learners at all level of education. According to Aina (2012) and Ekanem (2016) a method is a way of doing something, it is a approach or stand which a teacher adopts to Explain a subject matter to a group of students or a learners as the case may be. However, the study of these methods and its practices lead to what is termed methodology in teaching.


Undeniably, the strategies and method we use play a critical role in developing successfully instruction in diverse classrooms. How we decide to teach or instruct is important for all learners especially for learners with disabilities, learners from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and learners who are different in other educationally relevant ways.



According to Armshony (2019) for learners discussed above, it is especially important that teachers maximize their opportunities that teachers use instructional strategies that correspond to their unique learning needs. among the commonly used teaching methods are games/play way, case study, project, field trip, discussion, discovery (guided), demonstration as well as assignment methods to mention a few. Teachers’ teaching methods and instructional effectiveness in primary schools.

Effective teachers do not use same set of practice for every lesson, instead what they do is constantly reflect about their work, observe whether the learners have learn or not, and then adjust their practice accordingly (Glockinary, 2021). Moreover, among the commonly used instructional approach are the direct instruction, indirect and the interactive instructional approach. Lastly, depending on the lesson topic, the teacher may choose the experimental teaching or independent study approach for the learners. Therefore, the researcher in this study sees to examine teachers’ teaching methods and instructional effectiveness in primary schools.


1.2  Statement of the Problem

The word social studies is used to explain the study of man’s interaction with this environment or society. Indeed, it is a core curriculum subject taught is pupils in the primary schools. This subject teachers value, norm as well as moral to the pupils to make them responsible citizens in their respective societies. Teachers’ teaching methods and instructional effectiveness in primary schools.

Worthy also to note is the age range of pupils in the primary school. This will give a patter understanding of the all round development of the learner in respect to teachers choice of teaching methods to be used during instructional teaching processes. Specifically, the problems identified in this study are stated below.

  • Firstly, all methods of teaching are taken to be the same by some teachers.
  • Ages or developmental abilities of learners are not considered by most teachers before using some teaching method.
  • Lesson topics are not considered while selecting teaching methods to be used. Because of the above, the researcher had developed interest in examining teaching method and instructional effectiveness in primary school social studies.


1.3  The Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study is aimed to examine teachers’ teaching methods and instructional effectiveness in primary schools. Specifically, the purpose of this study are;

(i)    To present various teaching methods as being different from another.

(ii)   To examine few topics in social studies of the primary school level and outline best methods to be used in teaching them with consideration to age and level of development of pupils.

(iii)  To reveal other factors that can hinder instructional effectiveness even when best teaching methods are used (learner factors)


 1.4  Significance of the Study

This study would be of benefit to the reading public in general and specifically to parents and teachers in the following ways;

  • Firstly, parents will discover that apart from learner’s intelligence, teacher’s teaching methods can hinder pupils academic achievement. Teachers’ teaching methods and instructional effectiveness in primary schools.
  • Teachers will understand the concept of each teaching method and how/when to use them.
  • Furthermore, teachers will again examine their preparation for lessons to ascertain how effective their lessons has been.
  • Lastly, researchers in future shall use this work as their reference materials.


 1.5  Research Questions

The outline questions were asked in this study and were used as the frame work to guide the study:

(i)    To what extent does teacher’s teaching methods affect the effectiveness of lessons in our primary schools.

(ii)   To what extent does the use of discussion method (group/individual) affect social studies lessons in primary schools?

(iii)  To what extent does the use of assignment method influence pupils academic achievement in primary schools.


 1.6  Research Hypotheses

(i)    There is no significant relationship between teacher teaching methods and instructional effectiveness in primary schools.

(ii)   There is no significant relationship between the use of discussion method of teaching and effective instruction in social studies in the primary schools.

(iii)  There is no significant relationship between the use of assignment method of teaching and instructional effectiveness in social studies in primary schools.


 1.7  Limitation to the Study

This study suffered these major setbacks which were lack of reference materials and lack of co-operation of the respondent with the researcher.

Reference Materials: the few material that were re-latch to this study were found on line and could not be position out.

Attitude of Respondents: The respondents did not co-operate with the researcher of first until a lot of explanation was made.


Definition of Terms

Some words were defined according to how there are used in this content.

Effective: Producing intended result

Instruction: In brief, the act of directing or teaching someone about a thing.

Teach: In brief, to help someone gain or acquire skills or knowledge about something

Method: A stand or way of doing a thing.



From the facts revealed in the study and the knowledge gained from the study mastery of subject matter, generating interest in the learners as well as the used of appropriate teaching methods for every lesson taught to learners, all teachers employed to teach should be professionally trained and certified. Thus, this will make instructional process more effective at all level of education. Teachers’ teaching methods and instructional effectiveness in primary schools.

These implies that the teacher as well as this methods of teaching are indispensable if  instructional process is to be make effectiveness.


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