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Table of Contents


1.1  Background of the Study

1.2  Statement of the Problem

1.3  Purpose of the study

1.5  Significance of the study


1.6  Research Questions

1.7  Research Hypotheses

1.8  Limitation of the Study

1.9  Delimitation of the study

1.10 Operational Definition of Terms





3.1  Research Design

3.2  Area of the Study

3.3  Population of the study

3.4  Sample and Sampling Procedure


3.5  Instrumentation

3.6  Validation of Instrument

3.7  Administration of Questionnaire

3.8  Scoring of Instrument

3.9  Method of Data Analysis




4.1  Summary of Findings

4.2  Discussion of Findings




 5.1  Introduction

5.2  Summary

5.3. Conclusion

5.4  Recommendation






1.1    Background to the Study

The school facilities refer to the material resources available to the students and the teacher to facilitate teaching learning process. According to Arkansac (2022), school facilities are those things that enable the teacher to do his/her work very well and also help the students to learn effectively. Specifically, they include the science laboratories, library, canteen/cafeteria, comfort room, sport ground, home economic room, Audio visual room, medical centre, administrative offices class rooms etc.

Moreover, relating the above mentioned facilities with emphasis to the teaching of chemistry as a science subject in secondary schools, there are some facilities needed most which are the science laboratory, library and classroom. Chemistry is a branch of science which studied the composition, structure, properties and changes of matter.



According to Wikipedia, Chemistry is sometime called the centre science because it bridges other natural science like physics, and biology. Thus, it involves some topic like separation technique, gas law, Acid base and salt, periodic table and electrolysis etc. as a core science it involve practical works which are carried out in the laboratory.

The laboratory provides the students opportunity to develop their psychomotor skills, solve and implement solution to complex problem, instill in them the art of engineering the quality of dealing with people, understanding technique, encouraging both the teachers and students to experiment and be creature thereby making them understand universal values, excellent in all thing and be creature.

George (2022) observes that the library give assistance to both the students and teachers therefore the library is very important that no school can achieve it objective without. However,  the library is seen as a collection of books, records or films etc for consulters or borrowing. In addition, Dada (2021) says that the library help to implement; enrich and support the educational programme.


Furthermore, Thomas (2019) added that it help to provide a wide range of material at various level of sophistication with diversity of appeal and different point of views, provide material that would stimulate students and teacher acquisition of factual  knowledge, development of literary appreciation. It provides a source of information which when consulted, may enable pupils to make informal judgment, promote critical thinking and reading etc.


In brief, the classroom can be seen as room where class of students is taught. It also refers to the facilities consisting of the chairs, table and chalk board etc. Provision of classrooms building is very important because it prevents overcrowding and effective teaching which can be achieved in a conducive classroom setting. The school facilities and teaching of chemistry in secondary schools.

Moreover, for effective realization of the objective of our educational institutions all the necessary facilities should be provided, managed, harnessed. Therefore, it is against this background that this study attempt to examine the school facilities and teaching of chemistry in secondary schools.


1.2    Statement of the Problem

The important of school facilities in the development and growth of educational sector cannot be overemphasized. Research shows that school facilities has a profound impact on schools as it would affect the teaching and learning of chemistry.

Many of our schools lack adequate school facilities and as such effective teaching is hindered, the performance of students both in external and internal examination becomes poor, understanding of concepts in chemistry become difficult, accessibility to libraries facilities difficult etc. Therefore, discovery of the above fact make the researcher to examine the school facilities and teaching of chemistry in secondary schools.


1.3    Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to determine the effectiveness of school facilities (school library, chemistry laboratory and classrooms) in teaching of Chemistry in Nsit Ubium. Specifically, the study attempts to:

  1. Determine the effect of school library on the teaching of Chemistry.
  2. Examine the effect of science laboratory on the teaching of Chemistry.
  3. Assess the effect of classroom on the teaching of Chemistry.


1.4    Significance of the Study

The study would be of great benefit to the students, parents, teachers, educational planners and the general public in the following ways:

  • From the knowledge gain from the study, the students would understand those facilities that should be in the school to enable them learn effectively especially in the subject of Chemistry.
  • The parents would also understand the reason why their wards are not performing well especially in chemistry and also from the knowledge gain from the study, the parents would stop blaming the school teachers for the poor performance of their children. They would also consider the facilities in the school before registering their children in schools. The school facilities and teaching of chemistry in secondary schools.


  • Furthermore, the teacher would understand the negative effect which lack of facilities can cause in their area of specialization.
  • Educational planners would take statistics of the facilities that are available in schools and work towards providing equally to schools in the state.
  • The general public would understand the causes of failure in most of our schools, thus moving groups and individuals to donate toward the provision and maintenance of the facilities in schools to promote effective teaching and learning.


1.5    Research Questions

The following research questions were asked to guide the study:

  1. To what extent does the school library affect the teaching of Chemistry in secondary schools?
  2. To what extent does chemistry laboratory affect the teaching of chemistry in secondary schools?
  3. To what extent does the classroom affect the teaching of chemistry in secondary schools?


1.6    Limitation of the Study

This study had some limitation that was unavoidable. Firstly, the problem to transportation was encountered by the researcher in course of getting information from teachers in secondary schools included in the study.

Also, the researcher was confronted with lack of enough financial resources to help expand the dimension of the study. In addition, the time given for the completion and submission of the project could not permit for a wider coverage and more in-depth into the problem situation.


Operational Definition of Terms

School: A place where learners are to be taught by the teacher.

Facilities: In brief, material resources available in the school for effective teaching and learning.

School Facilities: Refers to the material resource available to the students and the teacher to facilitate teaching learning processes.

Classroom: A room where a class of students is taught.

Library: In brief, is seen as a collection of books, record or film etc.

Chemistry: A branch of science which studied the composition structure, properties and changes of matter.



Based on the data analyzed, findings and discussion made, it is concluded that the important of school facilities in the effective implementation of any educational programme cannot be undermined especially in the study of Chemistry. The school facilities and teaching of chemistry in secondary schools.

School facilities perform such function as providing the students opportunity to learn specific procedures, instrumentation and development of skill such as problem solving and communication guiding the students and teachers at reference desk. Moreover, availability of school facilities make teaching of Chemistry enjoyable, interesting and the therefore promote effective teaching and learning process.


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