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1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 The Objectives of the Study

1.3 The Relevance of the Study

1.4 The Research Problem

1.5 The Scope of the Study




2.1 Auxiliaries in the English Grammar

2.2 The Problems of English Auxiliaries

2.3 Functions of Auxiliary Verbs

2.4 Improper Use of Auxiliary Verbs

2.5 Summary




3.1 The Research Design

3.2 The Areas of Study

3.3 The Population

3.4 The Sampling Technique

3.5 The Research Instrument

3.6 The Method of Data Analysis




4.1 The Analysis of Sentences


5.1 Discussion of Findings

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Recommendations

Works Cited





1.1          Background of the Study

The place of the English language as a language of compromise is well established as it serves as the only language that cuts across ethnic boundaries in Nigeria. It behooves learners, therefore, to do everything possible to learn it well and become competent in it.

Accuracy in speech and writing makes effective understanding a reality. But wrong sentences or misuse of words can hinder communication. They can be likened to defective electric wiring which possesses a loose screw or an unsoldered joint that may simply break the circuit and obstruct the functioning of a machine or cause a short- circuiting that will burn down a building.


The effect of bad English is quite similar to this. It may result in misunderstanding and may short–circuit the listener’s inflammable temper and lead to fire alarm. (Eyisi, 2023).

Writing is a crucial art in the process of learning a foreign language, like English, which has become the language of global communication. The ability to write clearly is essential for effective communication and critical to employment and production in the contemporary world.



In the use of language both the spoken and written English are considered important for effective communication. Educators in Nigeria, as well as university and polytechnic lecturers all over the country, have had some complaints ranging from poor quality of the writing of their graduates and misuse of the English auxiliaries among the students. They are currently faced with the challenge of adopting and developing a wide range of methods for effective teaching of English writing. The problems of English auxiliaries among students.

This, of course, is not an easy task. Nothing gladdens the hearts of teachers more than the fact that their students are doingwellintheirsubjectareas.TeachersofEnglishinNigeriayearntoshareinthisjoy.


Their usual concern is how to eliminate all the errors committed by their students, and so helps them speak and write English correctly (Eyisi,2023).

Unfortunately, in a second language situation, such as Nigeria, the errors became multifarious with regards to the English auxiliaries because students study the target language against the background of their mother tongues in which they have attained a reasonable degree of competence.

The verb is a major part of speech in English. Among the major parts of speech, the verb plays about the most important role in helping us to communicate our ideas. It is possible in some sentences for us to omit the other major parts of speech (Noun, Adjective or Adverb) without altering the meaning, but the omission of the verb produces a meaningless group of words.


1.2  Statement of the Problem

Nigerian students in tertiary institutions are the products of two languages, the mother tongue (L1) and English language (L2). These students who are most of the time not well grounded in the English language often engage in transliteration due to interference of their first language.


The students display confusion in the use of English auxiliaries. Such misuse either changes the intended meaning or brings about non- standard English usages, which cause a breakdown in communication. There is a syntactic difference between an auxiliary verb and a full verb; that is, each has a different grammatical function within the sentence. The auxiliaries are used and misused mostly with the past participle, passive voice, present participle, progressive aspect and perfect aspect.


The need to examine these areas which have not been fully analyzed is the central focus of this project. There is a great difference between the auxiliaries and the main verbs. The problems of English auxiliaries among students.

Much work has been done in the area of the main verb and the problems experienced by the second language learners but the auxiliaries are yet to be given the kind of detailed study we have with the verbs. This explains why the project is designed to provide part of the data required for effective study of the auxiliary verbs in English.


Poor performance of these students in English language has caused a lot of anxiety and grief not only to the students but also to educationists, teachers, parents and even the government. Investigations have shown that students’ poor performance in English language is basically in the area of grammar and structure.


One of the problems is that many Nigerian speakers of the English language cannot speak and write the language effectively and express Nigerian thoughts and values adequately. It is this problem that the project sets to examine in order to find out, identify and analyze the problems of the English auxiliaries among the users and learners of English in the written tests.



Having seen the level of competence of our students in manipulating the auxiliary verbs and verbal element, the researcher draws some conclusions based on the findings. The aberration in the use of English auxiliaries has led to a poor use of English.

Areas of major difficulty usually lie in the handling of English tenses, but the grammar and lexis of one language often interfere with the other.

Of all the verbs which can occur in either the simple present tense or the progressive aspect, one of the most common-and most difficult to master-is ‘have.’“Have” presents peculiar difficulties, not only because it may appear in several different tenses with different lexical meanings, but because it occurs sometimes as a verb and sometimes as an operator.


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