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Background to the Study

Education in its broadest meaning is any process by which an individual gains knowledge an insight or develops attitude or skills. It is an experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of and individual. Education can also be seen as the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, values and skills from one generation to another generation (Holmes, 2013).


Education in Nigeria is instrument par ”excellence” for effective national development. The secondary school is the level of better future and for further study in higher institution. But the function of this education can hardly be achieve in the absent of library resources because library is important facility in any educational institution be it, primary, secondary, or tertiary.


Wikipedia defines library as a collection of information and similar resources selected by experts and accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing.

Library resources are those collections in the library. That is the available material in the library which is functional and beneficial to the library user. Similarly, library resources consist of manpower of power of library and reading materials like printed and non-printed resources. It also include electronic resources which satisfied the users requirement.



A library collection may include books on different subjects, periodicals (magazines journals newspapers) manuscripts reference materials (encyclopedia, dictionaries, maps gazetteers, indices and abstracts). Audio books microform CD-ROMs, videotapes, E-Books, data bases. Also, E-learning resources such as monitor, printer keyboard, scanners, copier and other peripherals.

Anderson (2015) carryout a research on the influence of library resources on the teaching/Learning process in Nigeria Secondary Schools. He found out that library resources improve the teaching/learning process in the school system. Based on this background the researcher considered it necessary to examine library resources and effective teaching of Biology in Secondary Schools.


Statement of the Problem

The knowledge of biology is necessary in solving real life problem. But the teaching of this important science subject (biology) in secondary schools is not effective due to have equate library resources. This has result into poor academic achievement of students in biology.


Though this poor academic achievement of student may be attributed to the other factors such as school location, school laboratory classroom facilities. But lack of library resources in biology is a major problem affecting the achievement of biology in the area.

As the result of this problem of poor library status in biology area in secondary schools library it motivates the researcher to investigate library resources and the teaching of Biology in secondary schools.


Purpose of the Study

The general purpose of this study is to examine library resources and teaching effectiveness of Biology in secondary schools.

Specifically the study aimed at;

  1. Examining the extent of which library resources are available for effective teaching of Biology in Secondary Schools.
  2. Examining the extent of which library resources influence effective teaching of Biology in Secondary Schools.


Statement of Hypothesis

  1. There is no significant library resources available for effective teaching of Biology in secondary schools.
  2. There is no significant influence of library resources on effective teaching of Biology in Secondary schools.


Significance of the Study

The findings of this study will be of great benefits to the government/ educational state-holders, teachers, students and other researchers in the following ways;

The government/educational state-holders will see the need of providing library resources to the secondary school system for effective teaching in school. The teachers also benefits in that when the resources are available they will deliver their lesson with ease. The adequate library resources for them to utilized and update their knowledge.

This finding will also serve as a reference material to other resources who will conduct a research on the same or similar topic.


Limitation of the Study

  1. Time Factor: Limited period of time give for the completion of this stud was not enough.
  2. Financial Constraint: Financial was another problem confronted by the researcher due to high cost of transportation to visit the schools that were involved in this study.
  3. School Location: Most of the school visited by the researchers were located in the rural area so bad road network also constitute some problems to the researchers.


Definition of Terms

  1. Library: This refers to a place where information materials of different formats are systematically acquired, organized, store, preserved and disseminated to the users at the appropriate time to meet their information needs.
  2. Library Resources: These refer to the collections (materials) in the library available for the benefit of the users e.g. are books periodicals and electronic device like computer and it peripherals.
  3. Effect: This is the result or outcome of something.
  4. Teaching: This is the process of transferring knowledge from one person (teacher) to another (learners).
  5. Biology: This is a pure science, subject studied in senior secondary school and it deals with the study of life.



Based on the findings of this study, it was concluded by the researcher that: Library resources are not adequately available in Public Secondary schools. Also, the effective utilization of library resources enhance effective teaching of Biology in Secondary Schools.


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