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1.1   Background to the Study

Stylistics is one of the branches of linguistics that studies the style of a text. The term style is the main object of stylistics. As a concept, style is difficult to explain because it is both abstract and evasive. To talk about stylistics is like talking about language as a linguistic phenomenon which is abstract, mentalistic and a product of the human mind. The words “style” and “stylistic” are often confusing terms to most users.

The word “style” originally meant a writing implement. It is a rod with a pointed end or stilus meant for scratching letters on wax covered tablets that word has, however, grown to mean so many things to so many people today.

The definition that is given to it today depends on one’s field of study.

Adejare (2022) makes this clear when he said that “style” is an ambiguous terms many try to define it according to their professional callings. To a linguist, style is defined as the varieties and function to which language is put. Stylistics is a word derived from style.



Simply put, it is a discipline which studies different styles. Some refers to stylistics as the study of proper use of words or language in proper places. Adejare (2022) explains that literary critics use the term style while linguist prefer the term stylistics, the two terms pursue the same goal, that is the analysis of the language of the text but with different approaches.

For the purpose of this study, style and stylistic will be used inter changeably. Language is therefore, a fundamental aspect of human existence; this is because human activities cannot be achieved without communication. Moreover, as a variable phenomenon, it varies according to the context and field of discourse it is deployed to serve. The English language, as a natural language, serves specific purpose in various disciplines including journalism. The language of journalism in selected newspapers in Nigeria.

In this regard, a part from communication, the use of the language in various profession is a specialized way makes them unique.


Consequently, this stylistic feature of language use in various field of endeavour produces languages of sport, religion, law, politics advertising, government, journalism engineering, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, aviation business etc.

The language of journalism reflects the characteristics peculiar to its situation, journalism has journalistic terms. These forms have certain grammatical features that make its structure and semantic impenetrable given this fact, this hopes to carry out a stylistics analysis of the various features of language of journalism to illustrate the uniqueness of its style.


1.2   Objectives of the Study  

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the use of English language in achieving the communication process in journalism.

                This study seeks to achieve the following objectives.

(i)     To analyze the language of journalism as a way to justify the relevance of the English language to the professions.

(ii)    To use stylistic as a tool in analyzing the language of journalism.

(iii)    To establish the peculiarities of the language of journalism through the various levels of stylistic analysis.

(iv)   To undergo a comparative analysis of the stylistics features in language of journalism.


1.3   Significance of the Study

This study is primarily designed to stylistically analyze the language of journalism.

The result of the study will enable the researcher to ascertain language use in journalism in addition; this research work serves as the stepping stone to every stylistics and student in the department of English who are interested in stylistics. The language of journalism in selected newspapers in Nigeria.

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the use of English language in achieving the communication process in journalism.


1.4   Methodology:

This work shall largely depend on the language of journalism, especially a selected copies of newspaper “the sun and the punch newspapers.

The library will be explored in order to facilitate this study through the internet, global and current information will be sourced. Thus, this study will adopt stylistic component in it data analysis.


1.5   Research Questions

Does the language of journalism differ from other profession?

Why do journalist write the way they do write?

How do the sun and the punch newspaper present news stories?

Why do the reporters in the sun punch newspaper adhere their house-style?


Definition of Terms

(i)    Style and Stylistics: A style in writing can be defined as the way a writer writes and it is the technique which an individual authors uses in his writing.

(ii)   Stylistic: It is study and description of the choice of linguistic expression that are characteristics of a group or an individual in specific communicative setting.


(iii)  Journalism: Is a production and the distribution of reports on the interaction or event, facts, ideas and people that are the news of the day journalism is the activity of gathering assessing, creating and presenting news and information, it is also the product of these activities. The language of journalism in selected newspapers in Nigeria.

(iv)  Language: Is a body of words and systems of their use, common to a people who are of the same community or nation, the geographical area, or the same cultural tradition.



Conclusively, both the Sun and The Punch news paper have been assessed at various levels and it has been discovered that there is indeed peculiarity about the two newspapers.


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