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Indeed, to obtain competence and integrity in leadership of the church and the society, it is necessary to consider some basic principles that were used by Jesus our Lord. To begin with, it is worthy of note that the term “Leader” is also scarcely used in the Bible.

The King James Version for instance uses the term only 6 times; though the New International Version uses it 79 times. Much more frequently, the role is called Servant. When we study the word of God, Moses is never referred to by God as ‘my leader’ but ‘my servant.’ And this is exactly what Jesus taught.10 John 13:4-5 shows the complete picture of Jesus’ humility and the importance of the lesson he was teaching the disciples. The impact of pastoral integrity in church management and growth.


Jesus was a revolutionary teacher of leadership. The term servant speaks everywhere of low prestige, low respect, and low honour. Most people are not attracted to such a low value role. When Jesus used the term “servant” it becomes the synonym for greatness. And that was a revolutionary idea.

It is very evident that many religious leaders in Nigeria lack integrity. Many of these leaders are deficient of most of the issues discussed so far. Because of the lack of integrity and self- centeredness, religious leaders do not want to work with intelligent subordinates. They prefer to work with people who do not know their rights so that they can be easily controlled. For Nigerian leaders, leadership is all about control; but this is contrary to the biblical injunctions as demonstrated above.



In the traditional Nigerian society and Africa at large, a father mentored his son by fireside through evening or night narratives and wise sayings. Initiation rites then solidified most of what was learned as the boy grew to adulthood. Young girls learned domestic skills, home keeping, mothering, sanitation and character tips from their mothers. The home rather than the school was the centre of learning and the focus of spiritual emotional, intellectual and physical development. All these happened under strict mentorship. (Hamm, Ryan 2019). The impact of pastoral integrity in church management and growth.

In the royal courts, the knights passed on the warriors’ skills to the novices by apprenticeship, and artists spent most of the time with students in their studios. This has been the trend throughout. history, including the church. Jonathan Edwards, the great pastor, teacher, and author and his wife – Sarah, usually had one or more Christians living at their house. These Christians learned by observing issues related to marriage, spiritual disciplines and the rigors of pastoral ministry. 17

Obviously, mentorship is biblical. Moses is known to have mentored Joshua the son of Nun. Similarly, Naomi mentored Ruth and helped her cope with her youthful challenges. Prophet Nathan also mentored King David even as Samuel had mentored King Saul.


However, the Bible is somewhat silent on the term “integrity.” There are a few proverbs that mention integrity in some translations (Prov 10:9; 11:3). Most of these usages are those that speak of the blessings of integrity because those without it are said to be wicked and will definitely suffer its consequences. However, the Bible is filled with passages urging integrity on believers.

It frequently talks about integrity without necessarily using the term. The most famous New Testament command of Christian living – the fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-25) is a command to live a life of the highest integrity. So, biblical integrity is a life marked by love, compassion, mercy, justice, and honouring God’s call above everything else.



Integrity is being blameless, and being blameless before God means He can find nothing to blame in our attitudes, plans, purposes and actions as Christians. When there is a liberal compromising attitude to known sin among many Christians; there is an urgent need for much preaching and teaching on integrity.


Tragically, some Christians regard integrity as a form of legalism. They think integrity and God’s grace are opposites or contradictory. They do not realize that these are paradoxes and God’s grace leads to integrity. It is the will of God that we strive to be blameless in his sight and the sight of fellow men. The impact of pastoral integrity in church management and growth.


Furthermore, the misconception of Integrity by people is really a thing of concern especially in the pastoral ministry. often times you would hear people saying “I am a man of integrity” or “I am a man of my word”, but their words often times contradict their deeds. This misconception of integrity makes many people think as if integrity is only by words and not by deeds.

More so, over the years there have been many misconceptions regarding integrity in pastoral ministry such as “do as I say, but don’t do as I do”, that is how I chose to do my own ministry and the likes. Therefore, the problem of this research work is to clearly understand the meaning of integrity in pastoral ministry in the light of the book of Titus 2:6-8 and its relevant to African context.



In conclusion, integrity is a quality that is rooted in the Bible and a prerequisite for all Office Holders in Nigeria. It is discovered that the word is seldom mentioned in the Bible but its derivatives are numerous. It has to do with being faithful and sincere in our workplace. We also discovered that leadership is not all about control but all about service. Religious Office Holders are encouraged to mentor others by assigning duties and delegating them to certain functions where they can learn and develop their God given potentials. The impact of pastoral integrity in church management and growth.


Nevertheless, the matter of integrity in pastoral ministry is necessary for the preaching of the gospel. Ministers are to lead the flock of God with integrity of heart. The bible says of David that he shepherded the flock of God with integrity of heart (Psalm 78:72). Integrity of a man of God guides him in all he does, set him in God’s presence forever and protect him from the attack of the wicked (θs.2ημ21ν 41μ12). Integrity open great doors for ministry and serves as a man’s security in his personal life and ministry. A man who has integrity walks securely and has nothing to do with crooked ways or paths (Prov. 10:9).

Furthermore, righteousness is the synonyms of integrity. A man who has integrity is guarded by righteousness (Prov. 13: 6) and so, there cannot be durable integrity without righteousness. God told King Solomon when he was to take on the leadership of Israel to only walk before him with integrity of heart and uprightness (1 King λμ4). σnd the promise was “I will establish your royal throne over Israel forever, as I promised David your father when I said, You shall never fail to have a man on the throne of Israel” (1 Kings λμη, ζIV). The step into ministerial blessings is not title, not firm and not even position but walking in integrity. The judgment of God is based on a man’s integrity.



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