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Background of the study

Church Growth is a movement within evangelical Christianity. Which focuses on developing methods to grow churches based on business marketing strategies. Moreover, it cannot be disputed that youths play a vital role in the life of a Church. Because they are the leaders of tomorrow and future of the church(Day, D., & Kurtz, C. (2017).

The elderly stands out but youth’s contributions have been shinning and have always been flag bearers of every Church. For any tangible growth to take place in any Christian community. Thus, the youth must be significant in that process of growth (Nielson, 2016). This is the more reason why wise nations, countries, groups and organization focus more on the development of youths. So that the future of such investments would never be improvised or blind(Nel, M., 2015).


Therefore, it is vital importance in today’s Church to prepare assiduously youths for the tasks they would naturally face in the coming future. It is only when we have nourished our youths that they in-turn develop the Church. The questions are “what amount of attention do we give the youths and what level of devotion does the youths give to the church.

Indeed, the youths are important fabrics in the society. Can there be any society without youth? Obviously no, that is why we must see to it that our youths find their rightful places in the church. The youth ministry seems to be in the midst of a crisis, since it fails young people because of its inability to help them develop into mature Christians (Klinenberg, E. 2013).


Not every churches are called to establish the youth ministry but all churches are obliged to impact on youth lifestyles. David and Pat Alexander emphasized that:

“Salvation is God’s gift, but it carries with it the obligation to live and behave, from that point on, as God wants. Therefore, this means deliberately discarding the old (selfish way of life). Shedding former habits, and letting the new life change our thinking and remold our pattern of behavior.



Church growth begins with church health and not the other way around. We see in nature that healthy things grow. This is by no means a new concept, but it’s still true. The youth must therefore in the long-run not to dilute the gospel message but discover how to live out the good news and encourage others to do so (Nielson, J. 2016). Effects of contemporary youth lifestyle on church growth.

The sole aim of the church is not only for the edification of believers and its congregants but to take part in what the triune God is doing in the world. (Niemandt, C. J. P. 2012). The church has a responsibility towards society, and such responsibility should not exclude the single’s ministry. Which forms part of the church participating in God’s mission on earth. From this research, we will discover what a healthy church is like and how youth life style can boost church growth.


Statement of the Problem

One key problem is the inability to examine youth life style and church growth. Another problem is how best to measure numerical growth. Such variability poses particular problems with small churches, where the addition or subtraction of just a few people produces large proportional changes in the totals.


Today, a great percentage of our Christian youths are living a life of disobedience to the Word of God, they are copying the patterns of this world with dexterity.

Today, the lifestyle of the youth is such that it is very difficult to have a distinction between Christian youths and of those who are not Christians. How can we change the perspective of our youth who are easily lured and enticed by worldly lifestyle? This research is vital because it aims at making an analysis of the Christian youths’ lifestyle. Thus, enlightening them and warning the victims of the dangers ahead. Effects of contemporary youth lifestyle on church growth.

Most organizations especially in church set up always want their youths to live and practice the godly lifestyles (character trait of Jesus). The absence of this brings a very big problem between the youths and the leadership of the church. In some instances, the youths are removed from position of leadership or placed on church discipline. This indicates that Christian organizations are after godly lifestyles. Thus, that will lead to a very good behavior and achievement of its goals and objective.


Objectives of the study

The main objective of this present study is to examine the effects of the contemporary youth lifestyle on church growth in Nigeria. The researcher intends to cross examine the following sub objectives;

  • To examine contemporary youth life style and church growth.
  • To change the unhealthy culture of some church youth ministries.
  • To cast a fresh vision for the church.
  • To proffer solutions to the challenges facing youths in the church today.


Research Questions

  1. Does the contemporary youth lifestyle go in line with the church doctrine?
  2. Is there any significant relationship between the youth lifestyle and church growth?
  3. Do the youth contribute to the growth and sustenance of the church?
  4. What are the roots causes of the moral degradation and eroding of our Christian values among Christian youths?
  5. What are the effects of the influence on the youth and the society?


1.5   Research hypotheses

The following research hypothesis will guide the study;

Ho: there is no significant relationship between the youth lifestyle and church growth

H1: there is a significant relationship between the youth lifestyle and church growth

Ho: the youth lifestyle does not go in line with the church doctrine

H2:The youth lifestyles do go in line with the church doctrine


Significance of the study

This research work will assist churches, ministries, pastors, etc. In discovering the vital roles youths play in the life of a Church as they are the leaders of tomorrow and future of every church.

From this research, we will discover what a healthy church is like and how youth life style can boost church growth. This research is very significant because youths are the future of every organization especially the Church.

The researcher aims at digging the root cause, the effect and the appropriate way of solving the worldly lifestyles affecting our youth so that organizations, parents and youth will benefit from the research findings.


Scope/Limitations of the study

A research of this nature on the effects of contemporary youth lifestyle on church growth seems broad such that it cannot be exhausted in this research work. For this reason, the research shall focus on what the Bible teaches about Christian youth and godly lifestyles. The root causes of moral degradation and eroding of our Christian values among Christian Youths. Its effect on the youth and society, and how they can overcome these negative tendencies.

On the other hand, this research shall focus on some selected churches in Nigeria only because of security challenges, time, and budgetary constraints. The researcher shall sample the opinion of some selected Christian youths from different churches in Nigeria through a questionnaire.



What are the factors that affect church growth?

What is the role of youth in today’s church?

Youth lifestyle and church growth.

What are the role of the church in contemporary society?

How can a youth make a difference in the church?



The present study has attempted to address every important and challenging problem to the development of Christian youth lifestyle and church growth. The research has shown to us that God places a high value on youths in the Bible. There are many examples of youth who dare to make a difference in their generations, defying youthful exuberance and its enticement. God uses youth to share his truth. The researcher presented some biblical examples of such youth. Thus, who demonstrated high sense of responsibility in the discharge of their duty to the admiration of their masters. Effects of contemporary youth lifestyle on church growth.


However, youth who were kind and God fearing in the face of a hopeless situation and possible execution for their faith in God.

Furthermore, youth who stayed committed to their God and the godly heritage they never allowed their beauty and position to make lose sight of God.

Also, youth whose friendship and dating was without romance or pre-marital sex. Youth who stand true to the salvation that the received to the extent that they were willing to follow Christ even to the point of crucifixion unwaveringly. Youth who were able to live godly lifestyles because they were well cultured by their parents, religious leaders and the society. The Bible has everything the youth need past, present and future to live a godly life.


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