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This study was carried out to investigate the effect of poor teaching method on students academic performance in senior secondary schools. The population of the study consisted of the senior secondary two (2) students from five (5) selected secondary schools in the study area totaling one hundred (100) students. Three research questions and three hypotheses were posed to guide the study.

The study adopted survey research design. Intact classes were employed to select the respondents. The instrument used for data collection was Students Achievement Test (SAT).

The data collected was analyzed using independent t-test. The result of the findings revealed that demonstration, cooperative and discussion methods influence the learning among the students positively.





Background to the Study

The primary purpose of teaching at any level of education is to bring a fundamental change in the learner (Tebabal & Kahssay, 2011). To facilitate the process of knowledge transmission, teachers should apply appropriate teaching methods that best suit specific objectives and level exit outcomes.

Teaching is a continuous process that involves bringing about desirable changes in learners through the use of appropriate methods. In order to bring desirable changes in students, teaching methods used by teacher should be best for the subject.


Appropriate teaching methods enhance work effective learning if they suit learners’ needs because every learner interprets and responds to questions in a diverse ways. As such, teaching methods that suits students’ needs influence students’ academic attainments.

Good Teaching methods facilitated desirable changes in learners. However, effective teaching requires the teacher to step out of the realm of personal experience and step into the world of the learners. It is the learner who must be engage for learning to occur, the learner is the one who must take the commitment to learn Ekanem (2016).


The success of every method depends on the personality of the teacher and his professional experience in the field of teaching. Studies have shown that coupled with appropriate instructional materials, suitable methods facilitate learning achievement to a large extent. This applies to all levels of education and particularly secondary school which deals with foundation of learning and development.

The use of appropriate teaching method incorporates an ordered way of accomplishing an end or performing a task. Etuk, Afangideh, Uya (2013) as cited in Adediwura and Tayo (2017). Described methods as patterns to be followed in teaching/learning process to drive home a point. Whether in formal or informal education effective, teaching method allows for the retention of learnt the concepts.


The extent to which an instructional procedure is potent depends greatly upon its effective use. Thus, by the instructor and the impression it leaves on the learner. Which is usually evident in their attitude as well as performance (Umoren, 2011) in (Obanya, 1984).


A research on methods of teaching suggest that the ability of the teacher to impart knowledge so depends greatly on the method he applies during the teaching learning process. Where the method is defective, the students stand to lose as they hardly benefit from lessons.

According to Uya (2008), for a teacher to be able to ensure order and enhance classroom learning. They have to possess necessary pedagogical skills which have to be systematic and methodological. They have to explore and make good use of their knowledge of instructional skills/methods. Whether the method adopted falls within the spectrum of general or individualized instructional methods (Umoh, 2015).


Esu (2013) opined that teaching, by its nature requires a variety of methods to facilitate teaching/learning in the class. Also, to develop the child’s knowledge and understanding to the maximum.


According to Oyekan (2014), teaching methodology is concerned with what method techniques or approach. Individuals or group of teachers select and use in actual classroom situation. Some of the methods that are applicable to secondary Schools level of education include discussion method.

Supervised Activity method, Activity method, Demonstration method. Also, Games method, Excursion method, Storytelling method, Pictorial method and inquiry method.


Vin-Mbah (2012) cited South and Laslett (1993) who described teaching as an all-purpose profession engaged in human resource development for individual and economic growth. Teaching is also as an attempt to help someone acquire or change, some skill, attitude, knowledge, idea or appreciation. In other words, the teacher’s task is to create or influence desirable changes in behaviour, or in tendencies toward behaviour in his students.


Effective teaching involves informing and explaining, stimulating, directing, guiding, administrating, identifying what to learn. Also, method of learning, problems, evaluating, reporting, recording, classroom management, socialization and school-community relationship among others.

Therefore, method refer to the processes and techniques a teacher uses to transmit facts, skills. Also, information and knowledge to the learners so as to facilitate the accomplishment of the set objectives. It is against this backdrop that the study intends to investigate. The difference between teaching method and Biology students’ performance in secondary schools.



Statement of the Problem

Many methods of teaching exist in education. All the methods are meant to make teachers succeed in their bid to disseminate knowledge. Also the methods used in teaching the young ones are not effective for their teaching and learning and this negate their academic performance.

There has been a public outcry about the abysmal performance of students in both internal and external examinations. West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) included. The parents put the blame on teachers. Also, the teachers in the other hands blamed the government for not providing the necessary infrastructural and instructional resources and also on the students for their poor attitude and lack of interest towards learning.


Therefore, it is incumbent upon all educators to not only know their teaching style so that teaching has a two-fold purpose where teachers teach and students learn.


Consequently, knowing how your students learn and what methods best fit your classroom and school are fundamental in the process of learning.


As a result, the question that arises in education is, what are those effective teaching methods that make teachers to achieve the educational goals and objectives? Thus, in view of the significance of teacher as facilitator of learning through use of relevant methods. The problem of this study is to investigate how discussion, cooperative, inquiry, demonstration, lecture and conventional methods affect students’ learning of Biology in secondary schools.


Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study is to examine the effect of poor teaching method on students academic performance in senior secondary schools. Specifically, the study intends to;

  1. determine the influence of demonstration teaching method on Biology students’ performance in secondary schools.
  2. Examine the influence of cooperative teaching method on Biology students’ performance in secondary schools.
  3. determine the influence of discussion teaching method on Biology students’ performance in secondary schools.


Significance of the Study

The findings of this study will be of immense benefits to the following people in the following ways:

  1. Findings will be useful to the in-service secondary school teachers in pedagogy application and as well contribute to knowledge of pre-service teachers.
  2. The findings will serve as feedback to educational stakeholders, proprietors/proprietresses, government and the education sector. Particularly Inspectors of education and school heads on the methods most applicable to pre-primary school level.
  3. The study provided basis for further investigation by future researchers for scaling up and generalizing.


Research Questions

  1. To what extent does demonstration teaching method effects students’ performance in secondary schools?
  2. To what extent does cooperative teaching method effects students’ performance in secondary schools?
  3. To what extent does discussion teaching method effects students’ performance in secondary schools?


Delimitation of the Study

The study focuses on discussion method, cooperative, lecture, and demonstration method and its impact in the teaching of Biology in the study Area.


Operational Definitions of Terms

Teaching Methods: In this study, it implies the principles and methods of instruction.

Methods: A way of doing something, especially in a systematic way, it implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps).

Academic Performance: Refers to how students deal with their studies and how they cope with different task given to them by their teachers.

Demonstration method refers to the type of teaching method in which the teacher is the principal actor while the learners watch with the intention to act later.



In conclusion, this study focused on the effect of poor teaching method on students academic performance in senior secondary schools. It was concluded that, demonstration method and guided-inquiry method enhances students’ learning process going by the result of this study. The methods are practical-oriented, student-centered and enable the students to be actively engaged in a lesson.

These methods stimulate students’ interest to learn due to activity-oriented nature of the method. There is every reason to encourage the use of demonstration and guided-inquiry teaching methods. Thus, because it enhances effective learning as shown by the result of this study.


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