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1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.3 Objectives of the Study

1.4 Significances of the Study

1.5 Scope of the Study

1.6 Limitations of the Study

1.7 Definition of Terms




3.1 Research Design

2.3       Area of the Study

3.3       Sources of Data

3.4       Analysis of the Existing System

3.5       Analysis of the New System




5.1       Summary

5.2       Problem Encountered and Solutions

5.3       Suggestions for further Improvements

5.4       Recommendation

5.5       Conclusion





The main purpose of this study was to examine the design and implementation of online job portals for companies; a case study of champion brewery Nigeria Limited, Uyo. Online job portal is a web based application that monitors the recruitment process of any organization online.  It has the features that allow the user to apply for job online. 

When application is sent through the web portal, based on the requirement of the said job description, the portal screens the candidate and determines whether or not the applicant is qualified.  If the applicant is not qualified, the portal rejects the application and returns a feedback to the user, else the applicant’s information will be sent to the portal’s database, where the administrator can access notify the applicant of a date of an interview.

The web based recruitment portal is or should be recommended for every organization in their personnel department because it will ease the stress of the personnel managers and as well help them to select the suitable people to suit the position. This online job portal was be developed using dream weaver platform and the scripting writing with PHP server technology.  The database was be administered using mySQL.





The proliferation of the internet has made it an increasingly popular tool for millions of job seekers searching for work. At the forefront of this surge are job portals connecting prospective employees with potential employers. The term portal is known as links page which presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. It may contain services that provide standard search engine feature, e-mail, news, information, databases and entertainment. Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether (Strauss, 2000).

Furthermore, a survey carried out recently revealed that finding good employees is one of the major business challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a business from the scratch (Martins, 2011). As a matter of fact one of the business processes entrepreneurs dread most is the process of recruiting employees.

Recruiting employees who have the specific knowledge, skills, abilities. Also, behaviors needed to support missions and goals enable the organization to achieve high performance, and enhance their competitive ability. In order to be complete, organizational success depends heavily upon the considerable imagination and initiative that is needed in developing recruitment and retention programs (Niederst, 1999).


Traditional, recruitment of officers into a vacant position is a difficult task in terms of collection and processing of data since a lot of applicant will apply for a particular job. In the cause of processing applicant data, this causes a lot of errors, inaccuracy, favoritism, nepotism and unreliability, which lead to the organization’s failure of recruiting the right caliber of persons to fill the available vacant positions.


There is no gainsaying, that, in the last few years, the manner of recruiting new personnel has changed drastically. Although the basic recruitment perception remains the same, the technology used has had a remarkable impact on how recruitment process is accomplished (Mondy, Noe & Premeaux 2002).

According to ( Parry, & Wilson (2009) recruitment involves the set of practices and activities undertaken by an organization in order to identify and draw prospective employees.

Organizations employ different strategies to find qualified candidates like posting on newspaper, using Internet, posting on billboards, and recruiting on campuses.


Previously, organizations relied on only the manual method of recruiting candidates and conducting examinations and interviews for them, which could be time consuming. In the last decade, the use of internet has significantly changed the face of human resource recruitment and the ways organizations think about the recruiting methods (Kapse, & Patil, 2012). This recent change in the way of doing recruitment started during the mid-90s, particularly, Edgley in Edgley (1995) stated that “the recruitment industry’s future is on the net”.


Employers from diverse industries visit campuses at least once every year for recruitment purposes, which are carried out manually. This manual approach posed some avoidable problems, which include inadequacy of keeping recruitment information and activities, which is paper- based, travelling risk for industry team to visit the institutions, manual method of conducting aptitude test, which might not be objective, and inadequate follow-up on the recruitment status of applicants. Therefore, in order to avoid these limitations some institutions have adopted the online recruitment process.

Online recruitment also known as e-recruitment is the type of recruitment that is carried out on the web. Over the years, technology has helped in advancing the recruitment process. E-recruitment has been described as the selection of potential candidates applying for a job through the Internet (external) and Intranet (internal). (Clements, Bachmann, Bass,  Garlan,  Ivers,  & Little,  (2010). The Internet first appeared as a recruiting tool in the mid-1990s and was hailed by the popular media as the driver behind a “recruiting revolution”. Due to the benefits it could bring to recruiters. Companies now rely on e-recruitment in order to attract the right candidate, have a larger applicant pool available, as well as save time and money. Both companies and applicants find the approach cheaper, faster, and potentially more effective.


Indeed, on-line activities have in recent past replaced virtually every form of transactions.  This is because of the advent of the internet, which provides a global network connection for all such activities.  With this technology, many institutions have their tentacles spread across the globe.

In line with this trend, job search activities and job providers need to join the band wagon of the global community in shearing their information across the internet.  Therefore, this research work aimed to examine the design and implementation of online job portals for companies; using Champion Breweries Ltd. Uyo, Nigeria as a case study area.



Currently, recruitment exercises are fraught with peril. This is partly due to several factors, of which unemployment has the highest rate in the country. Any job advert would definitely attract applicants. The recruiters would then go through tons of CV’S in a bid to find qualified candidates.


However, it has been observed that, the problems associated with this method of recruitment is the annual or regular recruitment exercises in Nigeria. Such as Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Army and Nigeria immigration recruitment exercises as well and some companies recruitment exercises which occurred in almost every year. In which, million applicants would leave their homes to sit for a recruitment test- for one thousand or less vacant positions. Some of these people lost their lives as a result of the stampede that occurred, several sustained injuries.

Obviously, this would have been avoided if an online recruitment platform had been put in place to conduct whatever form of screening that was required. Hence, company’s websites need to be created so that applicants, employees and clients can access their desired information directly.

The use of metadata and ontologies will enable to model the company organization and to relate these concept to the information. Therefore, this research work aimed to examine the design and implementation of online job portals for companies; using Champion Breweries Ltd. Uyo, Nigeria as a case study area.



The main objective of this research work is to examine the design and implementation of online job portals for companies; a case study of Champion Breweries Ltd. Uyo, Nigeria.



This study will be of significant benefits to companies, organizations and employers in many areas such as:

It will ease the work of the personnel department of the any company in the quickest way of determining whether or not the applicant is qualified the vacant positions in the company through online job portals.


Also, it will also ease the work of the personnel department of the any company or organization. It will create more employment opportunities for our youths. The government can also review and deploy it to other sectors. Private individuals can also find it interesting.

Lastly, it will serve as a reference point or material to the future researchers on the similar topic. In addition, future researchers could gain knowledge from the study on the benefits, advantages and disadvantages, impact of developing online job portals for companies which they may apply to their research in the future.



One of the major drawbacks was due to financial incapacitation. This is among other frustrations such as program failures during modular construction stages.

In ability to procure personal internet access for uploading made it difficult for the deployment at testing stag.

Again was the distance and availability of research materials.  It was absolutely difficult to source most of the important information needed for this work.  For instance, collection of information that helped me to develop the forms and database was another serous issue.



Design: In this study, design is defined as a detail plan or arrangement to achieve a particular purpose.

Implementation: In this study, design is defined as the carrying out execution or practice of a plan.

Portal: A web application that is designed to represent a ton of information in a concise and centered way thereby making the internet easier to use e.g.,, etc.


Job Portal: A job portal is a modern name for an online job board that helps applicants find jobs and aids employers in their quest to locate ideal candidates.

Recruitment: This refers to the process of attracting, screening and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm.

Database: This is designed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information.



At the end of this research work, several lessons were learnt.  These include among others, how online job portals for companies can be hosted on the internet. Again the primary aim of this work was achieved, which is the design of a job recruitment web portal.


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