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1.0     Introduction

Indeed, lifestyle is not just something we put into our lives, but it is what comes out of our lives.  Thus, it is beyond a system of value or virtue we learn from our parents or even at church.  Lifestyle is who you are to God Himself and those around you.  It is the real you!  The church and parents must teach it, but they cannot insure its function.  That is the responsibility of our choice, a determination we make ourselves, a stand in stress that we continue to uphold.

Definitely, every Clergy has a family.  Sometimes the congregation forgets, sometimes even the Clergy seems to forget. So we become one family in Christ caring for every member of the body.


However, a Clergy’s family may feel that church members are the Clergy’s family.  This is because they seem to have more impact on the Clergy.

Whenever they call and whatever they want, the Clergy seems to be ready to counsel, teach, preach and visit.  This is because Clergy cares about what they do.  It is often difficult for them to turn people away who crowd into family time.  More and more Clergies, however, are scheduling regular time away from their Clerical duties for their families and in addition to time for themselves.


Frankly speaking, there are great rewards in the Clergy’s home.  One of such is that Clergy’s children have access to their parents at times while some are not privileged to reach theirs. They understand what their parent, who is a Clergy, does more clearly than children whose parents “go to the office”.

But there may be a sense of intrusion especially when the Clergy’s family lives in a Parsonage. Therefore, the research investigates into the effects of Clergy’s  Lifestyle on church growth.


1.1          Background to the Study

The Bible in general and the book of Acts in particular record and affirm the expected and desired statistical growth in and through churches. But whenever statistical growth becomes the focused of a church instead of a valued consequence of the ministry, it is simply a matter of time until church leaders exchange biblically defined and principled faithfulness for worldly defined pragmatic success.


The former brings the applause of heaven. The latter is always numerically measured thinking that it will bring the applause and approval whereas the reverse is usually the case.

Clergy lifestyle is one of the keys to success in the ministry of the church. Capable and skillful Clergies will create an atmosphere of excitement, give directions to move forward and develop people to grow into maturity.


Specifically, leadership is the process of influencing people to give their energies, use their potential, release their determination and go beyond their comfort zone to accomplish goals.

Moreover, leadership is a dynamic process. It affects, risks, drives, inspires, threatens, supports and leads. Local churches are looking for someone to lead them into God’s purposes and God’s way.  Local churches need leaders who truly believe that God will do what he says.  People will follow spiritual leaders who understand God’s agenda and who know how to move them towards it.

Effective Clergies recognize the three elements of a triangle: (1) their own preferred and comfortable leadership style, (2) the comfortable relational styles of their followers and (3) the most productively structured ministry suitable for them.



Clergy should be alert to the most comfortable and productive combination of these three elements leader-follower-situation. Leaders can select their own leader style and can help structure the ministry situations they work in.

In other words, leaders can influence two of the three points of the leadership triangle that creates favorable, reciprocal and complementary possibilities for effective leadership.  Leaders determine their followers’ style reactions, however, unless they choose to manipulate. The lack of leadership in today’s contemporary churches, especially the smaller churches, has caused all kinds of problems which have stagnated the healthy growth of the church.

The growth of the local church will definitely lead to the expansion of Christianity in the world.  It is in this regard that it is essential for the local church to maintain a balance in both its quantity and quality.  Although numbers are essential, church growth is more than just numbers.


In this time of unprecedented opportunity and plentiful resources, the church is actually losing influence. Looking at the negligence of some churches not rising to their responsibilities towards the growth of the church, the Redeemed College of Missions has risen to this responsibility by modelling missionaries in tandem with the vision and mission statement of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Christians are really ministers, unique contributors to the body of Christ.  The control thrust of your ministry depends largely on the spiritual gifts that you have received .This will ultimately enhance the growth of the church and as well have a close fellowship with God and men. Therefore, the study is designed to investigate the effects of clergy lifestyle on church growth.


1.2          Statement of the Problem

The account in Matthew 28:19-20 shows that the early church grew from 120 believers to 3,120 numerically.  This described the steady growth and multiplication of churches.  So, churches were strengthened in faith both spiritually and numerically.

Unfortunately, the current generation has left the priority undone and begins to follow shadows in contrast to the zeal displayed by the disciples of old.


1.3          Objectives of the Study

The objectives of this research include the following:

(i).          To investigate the effects of Clergy’s  Lifestyle on church growth;

(ii).         To examine the impact of Clergy’s  Lifestyle on the spiritual growth of the church;

(iii).        To explore clergy lifestyle on the general well-being of a church;

(iv).        To discover the effects of Clergy’s  Lifestyle on numerical church growth;


1.4          Research Questions

(i).          Does clergy lifestyle have any significant effects on church growth?

(ii).         To what extent does clergy lifestyle affect the spiritual church growth?

(iii).        How does Clergy’s  Lifestyle affect the numerical church growth?

(iv).        What impact does Clergy’s  Lifestyle have on the general well-being of a church?


1.5          Significance of the Study

The significance of this study is to benefit Clergies, Clergies’ Family members (wives and Children), General Overseers, Administrators, Ministers, Workers etc. who are often saddled with ministerial roles.

It will enable them to clearly see the need to measure their family lifestyle on church growth. There is no gain saying that the moral standard of Clergy’s family could either mar or make church growth.


1.6          Definition of Terms

Clergy: A pastor or a preacher usually identifies a person who delivers sermons or homilies on religious topics to an assembly of people.

Lifestyle: This is a set of attitudes, habits or possessions associated with a particular person or group.

Church Growth: This is a movement within evangelical Christianity which aims to develop methods to grow churches based on business marketing strategies.


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